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For over twenty years the Garage Door Workshop has been installing a wide range of roller doors and shutters providing local homes, schools and businesses with reliable protection and convenient access. From simple, inexpensive manually operated steel shutters to state-of-art integrated property protection systems [including biometric controls] suitable for the most intensively used or vulnerably located applications, we have a huge range of manufacturers and types to choose from; and the hands-on experience to calculate which products will effectively perform where. Correct initial specification is the key-the best possible long term performance and value is our aim.

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Click below to view a showcase of two popular and proven rolling door types suitable for ‘heavy duty’ residential or possibly ‘light’ industrial applications.

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Roller Garage Door RollMatic

More free space in the garage with innovative Hormann technology

Anatomy of Technology-the world’s leading insulated aluminium lathe residential rolling door. It pays to compare carefully!

Roller Garage Door Colours Roller Garage Door Roller Garage Door

If you’re considering a rolling door for your next project why not come and see this world leading product for yourself? The Hormann RollMatic and many other rolling door types are available to view, use and compare at all our showrooms. Our factory trained, knowledgeable showroom staff will take you through the best available options specific to your requirements, budget and application.

Roller Garage Door Roller Garage Door Roller Garage Door

St Albans, Herts

Prestwood, Gt Missenden

Hockliffe [A5] nr. Dunstable

GliderMatic Roller Door

Roller Garage Door

The one-piece continuous steel curtain roller garage door was conceived by South Australian inventor Ben Saul in the early 1950’s.In collaboration with local engineering company B&D, the basic design was refined enough to exhibit at the Sydney Daily Mirror Home Show in 1956-where it proved an immediate-and unexpected!-success. Long before the idea of mass market automation the B&D Roll-a-Door was revolutionary– vertical lift, secure, safe ,easy to use and could not slam shut unexpectedly.

Sixty years later the manual version of the Roll-a-Door-now with low friction nylon bearing surfaces and precise spring counter-balance–remains the easiest hand operated garage for most people to use.

Roller Garage Door

An award winning combination of modern materials and technical excellence the GliderMatic Roll-a-Door is the latest evolution of the time proven concept. Now manufactured in the UK with ISO 9001 quality Accreditation. Innovative ‘plasticised’ coatings and strict performance criteria offer guaranteed ‘period to repaint’ decisions typically in excess of 25 years. Practical, maintenance-free, quiet, efficient, space-saving, with neat, clean lines it offers outstanding strength, security and proven long term durability.

  • Innovative use of engineering plastics and glass reinforced Nylon-6
  • Quiet, smooth, greaseless operation
  • Reduced rolling resistance and maintenance-free bearing surfaces.
Roller Garage Door Roller Garage Door
  • In-house R&D ensures innovative electronic features of real practical benefit to end-users.
  • Self monitoring electronic logic systems. Latest generation 868 mhz rolling code encrypted remote controls– superreactive and totally secure.
  • Audible status alert.
  • Tamper proof pulse locking and self-setting alarm function.
  • The unique, patent protected GliderMatic TM Roll-a-Door drive unit utilizes low 24V dc 1/3 hp [150nm] direct drive orbiting motor[s], entirely housed within coil of the door. The consequent reduction in transmission components [compared to other garage doors] afforded by this innovative design produces unrivalled mechanical efficiency and reliability.
Roller Garage Door
  • Space-saving vertical operation means GliderMatic Roll-a-Doors can accommodate a wide variety of architectural features. Conventional good looks make them suitable for every application, from conservation areas to high-tech developments.
Roller Garage Door

Maulden, Beds.

Stanbridge, Beds.

Peterlee, Durham.

Roller Garage Door

Exclusive - Workshop fitted ThermTek 2 insulation kit. Continuous thermal quilt, laminated to the rear face of the Roll-a-Door; includes enhanced lintel seal. Improved air-tightness and sealing, reduced heating bills and a neat wipe clean surface!

Roller Garage Door

Authors Postscript.

The general technical improvement in the UK Garage Door industries product output-particularly in the last ten years is obvious. Consolidation of manufacturers has produced the investment required for modern, automated production systems and guided by EU ‘Machinery’ legislation garage doors are now on average safer, more reliable and far better constructed than was previously the case.

It is with some bemusement, therefore, that ourselves [and other installation companies] observe the recent emergence of ‘micro’ rolling shutter manufacturers-not listed as members of the Trade/ Regulatory bodies-supplying ‘pared down’, low-spec aluminium roller garage doors with build quality and prices which, frankly, are not credible to any Trade professional.

We’re happy to advise, but the sort of things to look for:

  1. Use of Infra-Red or Photo-Electric safety beams. Potentially unreliable; only protects in narrow range of circumstances. Not Legal as a sole safety device for roller shutters since 1st May 2005. The Standard BS/EN 13241-1, from this date requires installation of bottom edge sensors able to identify obstruction by contact or electronic force measurement/limitation in the case of low voltage motors. The Law is quite clear. Anyone in any position of responsibility within the Trade should know about it.
  2. Non installation of shutter roll box. An obvious way to reduce cost but the Safety Legislation -and obvious good design-requires a full Protective enclosure around the operating shutter’s drive mechanism.
  3. Omission of safety brake or anti-drop spring. Required to prevent shutter behaving as a guillotine in the event of motor shaft failure.
  4. Electric Motors and controls supplied without any accompanying Certificate of Conformity; i.e. the legally required declaration by the manufacturer to show that electrical equipment has been tested and demonstrated to be safe in accordance with basic European Health and Safety law and therefore legal for sale within the EU.
  5. On-site assembly and ‘handover’/putting into service without the accompanying Certificate of Incorporation; i.e. the legal duty of the installer to demonstrate and declare that his/her completed installation is ‘compliant’ with the relevant aspects of UK/EU law relating to power-operated Roller Shutters. In fact, home purchasers Solicitors are now routinely asking for this document-it’s similar in purpose to a Gas Boiler Safety Certificate or Electrical Wiring Certificate.

Garage Door Workshop has experienced a sharp recent rise in repair requests relating to these types of rolling door. Typically, whilst the product itself is still, nominally, under ‘warranty’; neither the manufacturer or installing company can be located…..We’ll always help! But it is ironic that these rolling shutter doors-[selling description: "tough, durable, secure etc.” ] are likely to provide a far shorter service life than the usually basic up and over garage doors they replaced!

Some recent ’horrors’-all avoidable...

Roller Garage Door

Blown In Roller Door

Blown Out Roller Door

Corroded/failed rollers

Snapped centre axle

Roller Garage Door

Fatigue failure-steel connecting straps.

Over-wind failure-nylon lock straps.

Roller Shutter Horrors

Roller1 Roller2 Roller3

Lathe ‘fatigue’ failure on ambitiously wide aluminium/foam rolling door

Non-compliant and potentially dangerous roller door power connection wiring.

5.4m wide rolling door [above] was fitted with curtain connecting straps designed for a 2m x2m light duty domestic window shutter. Every single one had snapped.

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