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Hq: Yeovil, BA20 2EJ

Turnover: 18m

1 UK factories

100 Employees


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Widely regarded as the first UK manufacturer of a recognisably modern garage door [in 1957], Garador’s subsequent development was constrained by its position as a junior partner in successive large trading groups whose interests lay in the manufacture of helicopters [Westland Engineers Ltd], steel lintels [Catnic– Garador] and drainage products [Caradon-Garador]-in fact everything but garage doors!

Facing increasing competition from technically more sophisticated European products and denied necessary investment it looked likely that Garador might follow other, also previously well-established UK garage door factories- Apex, P C Henderson, Birtley, Haskins, King, Marley, Starfleet and others into liquidation. 

A 1996 management ’buy-out’ faltered but in 2000 Garador was purchased by Hormann KG, Europe’s pre-eminent garage and industrial door manufacturing group. Unprecedented investment rapidly followed including state of the art production technologies, IT, and design facilities. After 60 years the ‘nice garage door people in Yeovil’ now have the most advanced factory in Europe!

Proximity to main market, the UK’s widest range of door types and material finishes, design flexibility and a real willingness to help make Garador a natural partner for the Garage Door Workshop.

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