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Click below to read about some technically interesting or more challenging projects recently completed for customers – and the sort of things we can do for you!

Teckentrup always on the level

Garage door specialist Mike Reilly contacted Teckentrup with a simple request:

Four ribbed sectional doors all in a line on a slope – each door 100mm lower than the next, with a 100mm slope across each opening. Each door rib must line up perfectly with the next door and just to make things even more interesting doors and automation must fit into just 140mm headroom!

teckentrup teckentrup teckentrup

Quite a challenge!

Four Carteck Golden Oak sectional doors each with a sloping bottom panel and the largest door a full 400mm higher at its bottom corner were duly delivered to site in Bedfordshire. The result? Perfection. The headroom was easy with the Carteck requiring only 115mm including automation. The sloping bottom panels were no less straightforward, although watching each door go in was nerve-wracking with the final door completing the line-up exactly.

A delighted client and another example of matchless expertise, service and commitment from the Garage Door Workshop and Teckentrup teams and their exceptional Carteck sectional doors.

teckentrup teckentrup
Attention to detail

Garage Door Workshop’s attention to finishing detail is unrivalled. Prior to onsite delivery all furniture components are prepared, primed, and ‘double’ Hammerited front and rear at our Workshops. This careful preparation, for instance, ensures that our hinges will not fail by corrosion from the rear-as is so commonly the case. Special door colours and finishes, ironmongery and enhanced security locking, glazing variants and co-ordinated trims and fascias are all part of a comprehensive service.

Attention to detail Attention to detail Attention to detail

Onsite assembly is by our own skilled time-served joiners accredited by the Construction Industry Certification Scheme. ‘Hidden’ fastening systems are utilised so the factory finish is not compromised and we never leave filling or finishing for others!

Attention to detail Attention to detail Attention to detail

Modern automated production systems efficiently produce garage doors with consistent high quality and finish-but sometimes choice has to be compromised. German manufacturers tend not to offer finishing details, for instance, like decorative lead work-but we do! The Workshop regularly produces unique personalised designs and colours not found anywhere else.

Mr Artemiou, Enfield, MIddx Attention to detail Attention to detail
What a difference a (garage) door makes

Because of its prominent position-often on the front façade of the house, the garage and particularly its most visible element-the garage door-can have a major impact on the appearance of the house from the outside. A property’s market value and saleability can be influenced by how appealing a house is viewed from the street.

Choosing an attractive garage door and one that blends well with the overall house design can significantly increase the kerb appeal of your home.

Before & After

Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After
Side-hinged doors-a perfect fit!

Hand finished by craftsmen these GRP traditional side hung doors reproduce the natural subtlety of real mahogany timbers. Our engineers have skilfully installed a new profiled concrete threshold to ensure the perfect seal- no more sweeping leaves out of the garage!

Side-hinged doors-a perfect fit! Side-hinged doors-a perfect fit! Side-hinged doors-a perfect fit! Side-hinged doors-a perfect fit! Side-hinged doors-a perfect fit!
Sharnbrook, Beds. MK44

This structural conversion of two impractically narrow single car openings into one large two-car width aperture was undertaken by our in-house specialist building team. The job, featuring an insulated aluminium lathe SeceuroGlide rolling door, completed in one weekend, transformed the usability of the building for our client.

Sharnbrook, BedsSharnbrook, BedsSharnbrook, BedsSharnbrook, Beds
2 into 1 Structural Conversions

Mr and Mrs Davison.Prestwood.Bucks.

Stanbridge,Beds2 into 1 Structural Conversions2 into 1 Structural Conversions2 into 1 Structural Conversions

Mr Freckleton.Bicester.Oxon

2 into 1 Structural Conversions Stanbridge,Beds 2 into 1 Structural Conversions 2 into 1 Structural Conversions

Mr Stocking.Shillington.Beds.

2 into 1 Structural Conversions 2 into 1 Structural Conversions Stanbridge,Beds 2 into 1 Structural Conversions
All in a morning’s work! [with a little bit of planning]

Ancient [40+ years] insecure door, rotten wooden frame and facia; badly leaking guttering and downpipe. Building on verge of falling into disuse. Even if not used for parking a car, a well maintained, secure lock-up garage makes a great utility/dry storage area – adding real value to a property.

All in a morning’s work!All in a morning’s work!

Hormann 2001 ‘Vertical’, [chosen for this job because its much better at ‘self-cleaning’ given free rainfall wash compared to ‘horizontal’ designs] pre-fitted galvanised steel box frame, all factory finished in Traffic White. 10 Year Guarantee. Brilliant white uPVC roofline facia, soffit and replacement guttering. All matching, maintenance-free and permanent. This investment of 3 1/2 hours [x2 engineers] will help to extend the buildings service life for another 40 years! Customer promised that it might even be used for its original intended purpose…!

All in a morning’s work!All in a morning’s work!
Emergency Rescue!
Emergency Rescue!Emergency Rescue!Emergency Rescue!

When the driver of the reversing delivery lorry that caused the damage above sped away to avoid being identified; he/she probably didn’t realise how close they came to demolishing 2/3 of this garage block. Roof deck, lintels, and substantial parapet masonry were left precariously supported by the remains of two garage door wooden frames!

With speed obviously of the essence an emergency team was despatched from Garage Door Workshop’s ‘yard’, armed with steel Acrow ’pit’ props and heavy timbers.

Emergency Rescue!Emergency Rescue!

With imminent collapse averted and the building safely stabilised; we now embarked on the trickier task of dealing with insurers! Actually, in this case they were prompt. Authorisation of works was granted on Mon 4th Feb, permitting Garage Door Workshop to arrange replacement doors shipment from Hormann, rebuild damaged structure, remove all rubbish and complete installation of new doors and frames by the evening of Mon 11th Feb.

Emergency Rescue!Emergency Rescue!
Emergency Rescue!

Emergency Rescue! We were delighted to receive this letter of commendation.

Spot the difference!
Spot the difference!Spot the difference!

Only the middle one will fit an Audi A4, 2013 model! Garage Door Workshop engineers have skilfully modified the structural opening and lintel —the results are so neat its hard to see the cut! A fairly routine job for us… but another delighted customer.

Emergency Rescue!
The extra mile…

You’ll discover an enthusiastic, hands on, ‘can-do’ approach at all levels at the Garage Door Workshop. We’re proud of our proven track record of completing technically challenging jobs that defeat others. The photo’s below illustrate structurally simple, [but slightly awkward to fit] steel ‘sleeves’ allowing overhead tracks to pass ‘through’ obstructing masonry, and, therefore achieving our customers primary aim; maximum drive –thru’ width at the opening.

The extra mile…The extra mile… The extra mile…
The 6 P's

Site: Tilsworth, Beds.

Date: January 2013 – freezing cold!

The Before

The 6 P's The 6 P's The 6 P's

Workshop Preperation

The 6 P's The 6 P's The 6 P's

The raw material

Filling and sanding

Apply Knotting solution

The 6 P's The 6 P's The 6 P's

‘Cutting in' joint edges

Apply 1st coat to rear & cut edges

Three coats later…

The Result

The 6 P's The 6 P's The 6 P's

Hormann LPU40 sectional overhead garage door -42mm thick panels – greatly enhancing security on this isolated and vulnerable outbuilding. Finished in Fir Green, RAL 6009, with matching soffit, tongued/ grooved facia, and bargeboard. The photo’s do not do justice.

The 6 P's?

The Garage Door Workshop Logo A good motto for any home improvement company: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

The 6 P's
ThermTek 4

ThermTek 4. With typical thermal resistance values of U 6.5 W/m2 K and ‘Class 0’ air tightness steel up and over garage doors in heat loss terms are ‘open holes’! If your freezing, draughty integral garage is a ‘no go’ area during winter months and makes adjacent walls and bedrooms cold, Garage Door Workshop’s thermal quilt insulation system- ThermTek 4-might just be the solution.

The Before

ThermTek 4 ThermTek 4 ThermTek 4

Dismantling door leaf chassis and frame

Thoroughly cleaning door leaf

Solvent degreasing.

ThermTek 4 ThermTek 4 ThermTek 4

Heat gun activation of high performance bonding tape

‘Laying on’ thermal quilt.

Windows, edges and joints carefully trimmed and sealed with aluminium tape.

ThermTek 4

Section thru’ high tech multi-layered reflective thermal quilt.

70% of heat loss from the house is by radiation but the metallised films used in our 11 layered quilt reflects more than 95% radiation back into the garage and home. Careful installation at our workshops produces an airtight vapour barrier eliminating air movement-i.e. convection– within foil ‘compartments’ ;alternating with layers of insulating polyester fibre wadding, thermal conduction is so effectively restricted that ThermTek 4 achieves a ‘core’ thermal resistance rating of R= 0.92m2K/W. BBA Certified. [U value equivalent 1.08 W/m2K] Incredibly light [660g/m2] and thin [only 30mm max] it does not affect the ‘ease of use’ characteristics of our up and over doors.

ThermTek 4

Typical thermal resistance ‘U’ values for comparison. The lower, the better:

Cavity wall, no insulation 1.6
42/20mm double skinned PU filled sectional garage door 1.8
Solid timber front door 2.4
Double glazed unit, 20 mm air gap 2.8
Single glazed window 5.0
77mm foam/aluminium slat insulated roller garage door 5.2
Standard steel up and over garage door 6.5

We want to achieve the best possible insulating solution specific to your garage or outbuilding; reducing gaps/air leakage is obviously important and therefore, the installation package includes additional sealing strips, compressible foam cord infill's, flexible rubber fin floor seal and threshold ‘stop’. The best method for your particular garage will be determined during the site survey and will be agreed in detail with you.

ThermTek 4 ThermTek 4 ThermTek 4

Rubber fin fitted to 45 degree angled carrier provided the best floor seal solution on this job.

Pressure treated timber decking threshold– bedded on silicone mastic – a durable and cost-effective barrier to further surface water ingress.

Continuous weather tight seal formed at floor level as fin compresses against threshold profile.

Does it work?

"With both doors so effectively sealed—draught, cold and dirt have been excluded– it has made all the difference… I now have my workshop in the garage."

Mr Jefferson. Stone, nr Aylesbury.

"We had been monitoring the night time temperature in my infant son’s noticeably colder bedroom above the garage for some time. The effect was immediate – a 3 degree C improvement – with now only a 1 degree difference with his sister’s bedroom above the lounge…"

Mr Pearson-Wiggs, Kings Langley, Herts.

"…A really noticeable improvement… we don’t get that gust of cold air anymore when we open the hallway door into the garage…”

Mr Marzec. Leighton Buzzard, Beds.

Lych Gate and Glidermatic
The Garage Door Workshop LogoThe Garage Door Workshop Logo
Lych Gate and Glidermatic


‘AA’ Series Glidermatic rolling door neatly fitted within the eaves of this attractive freestanding Lych-Gate. Fully finished in extremely durable and maintenance-free Mahogany HP200 Colorcoat, the door has been fitted with an innovative 'wind-lock' system, suitable for this potentially vulnerable location.

Lych Gate and Glidermatic